List Of CBSE Schools In And Around Perambur

Chennai is a city that is home to many schools of repute. Some schools are centuries old and boast of a rich heritage. The students of such schools hold their heads high with pride when they say which school they’re from. A fair amount of schools in this roster belong to the CBSE curriculum.

CBSE schools offer the benefit of being unified by a national curriculum that is holistic and comprehensive. Parents are opting for CBSE nowadays because it makes their kids competent in the broader sense, and easier to adapt when they move on to college.

It’s no secret that Chennai is rapidly expanding in terms of real estate, with the suburbs becoming increasingly urbanized. Areas on the fringes of Chennai such as Perambur are witnessing a rapid influx of people. This naturally leads to an increase in people looking for the best school in Perambur for their kids. When it comes to CBSE schools in the area, which one should they pick?

Fortunately, there is an extensive range of schools to choose from in and around the Perambur area. It’s essential to do proper research before selecting the right school for your kid. Since it involves their development in the formative years, it’s not a decision that can be compromised on. So let’s get into the list of CBSE schools in Perambur that offer the best education. Bear in mind that this list is merely informative in nature, it is not meant to be a ranking list of any sort.

KRM Public School

KRM Public school

Image Source: krm public school

This is a gem among Chennai’s top schools. With over 50 years in the business, KRM has been recognized as one of the top 50 schools in Asia. 

Narayana e-techno School

Narayana e-techno School

Image Source: narayanaschools

Located a short distance away from Perambur at Kolathur, this school is yet another nationwide giant. The school regularly produces toppers through holistic education methods and is open to classes from pre-primary to high school.

Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary Vivekananda Vidyalaya

Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary Vivekananda Vidyalaya

Image Source: jgvvsvn

This is a familiar name among CBSE schools in Perambur, Chennai. It’s part of the Jaigopal Garodia Foundation and has been active since 1972. The school has adequate infrastructure such as a smart lab and a two-tier library. The school also produces consistent results, topping the Class X boards.

The Shri Ram Universal School

The Shri Ram Universal School

Image Source tsuschennai

Located at the SPR township complex, this institution offers education for children from LKG to the sixth grade. It is part of a nationwide set of schools that focus on a modern approach to learning. Its core values are geared around providing children with an education that teaches them to apply it to real-life situations. This dedicated curriculum makes it among the best CBSE schools in Perambur, Chennai.

Sri Bala Vidyalaya

Sri Bala Vidyalaya

Image Source: sbvschools

Situated right in Perambur, this is a school that believes in unlocking every kid’s true potential. This is reflected through its motto, “Aspire and Achieve.” The school also boasts of infrastructures such as a robotics lab and an English lab. The school has been featured in the Times 2019 Ranking Survey.

Velammal New-Gen CBSE School

Velammal New-Gen CBSE School

Image Source : velamma

This Velammal institution is situated in Madhavaram, a mere 12 minutes from the heart of Perambur. True to its name, it offers a curriculum that promotes global-scale thinking. It preps the students for the next step in their career, by means of having integrated JEE/NEET coaching. The school lives up to the Velammal name with aplomb.

These are some of the top CBSE schools in Perambur, Chennai. As you can see, the area is rapidly developing on all fronts. Perambur offers quality options when it comes to enrolling your child in a CBSE school. Before you take a call on it, inspect the school, and choose wisely. After all, you’re shaping your child’s future with your decision!

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